319 Main Road, Arnold's Cove
Open June 25th until September 4th 2012
Hours are 1pm to 8pm weekly

"Drake House was constructed in the 1890s in the community of Haystack, Placentia Bay. It was constructed by George Drake and his brother John. Frank Drake, George's son, inherited the property and lived in the building all his life. "

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Frank Drake passed away on Sunday, March 17, 2002, six months short of his 90th birthday. Frank was a very special person, and his passing is the end of an era. He firmly resisted the resettlement program, calling it the `shiftin racket' and decided in 1957, when all other families had left the community, that he would hang on there by himself. That he did until November, 1969, when he had his house towed across the bay to Arnold's Cove.

Frank Drake (Oct 9, 1912 - Mar 17, 2002)

For the last four of these years, Frank was the only person living year-round on Long Island. Although he officially moved from his home on the island of Haystack, he still spent most of the year back there fishing, for another twenty years. For the past ten years or so, Frank was unable to return to Haystack very often, but his heart was still there.

Frank's home now sits in arnold's cove and has been kept in its origional condition. It is now owned by the town and has be disignated, The Heritage House. It is operated by the Placentia Bay Islands & Area Heritage Foundation. The official opening was in July 2005, the heritage house is now available for public viewing during the summer.